Connect International is a market expansion services company that helps enterprises around the world capitalize on international growth potential through trade and investment collaborations. We assist businesses from different countries and industries to expand into China and invite Chinese companies to invest and collaborate with ventures abroad. Having developed business programs with enterprises from 33 countries, 9 APEC member economies and across 28 industries, our goal is to help global enterprises overcome regulatory, cultural, corporate, and language barriers to achieve their efficient market expansion milestones. In addition to providing strategies and advisory support, we also help businesses to secure cooperation deals.

Some of our involved project entities – Governments, Fortune 500 and China Top 500  companies

Industries Involved

Transportation & Logistics Construction      Oil & Gas      Mining & Steel
Gold & Precious Metals      Real Estate Development
Mobile Marketing & Internet Services      Finance & Banking      Public Utilities
Solar Power Renewable Energy      Biotechnology      Consumer Electronics
Entertainments      Import-Export      Telecommunication Services
Satellite & Aerospace Technology      Modern Arts Calligraphy & Antique Painting      Fruits
Glacier & Spring Water      Wine      Distilled Spirits      Seafood      Forestry Products      Energy Beverages
Sports      Consumer Products      Hotels & Restaurants      Supermarket & Department Stores
Various sub-industries and more

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Successful Milestones

  • Current business programs with over 33 countries, which includes 9 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) member economies 
  • Completed project collaborations across 28 industries at international level
  • Project entities involve  different country Governments and Ministries, Fortune 500 and China Top 500 companies
  • Referral to Foreign Affairs, Trade And Development Canada‘s Ottawa and Shanghai regional offices for efficient market expansion services
  • Immediate market expansion in China in 2 weeks (whereas it waited 28 weeks through traditional market expansion routine) 
  • Success-proven timely access to merchandise trade partners, investment support, and China Stock Market
  • Strategic cultural and corporate barriers breakthrough that enlarged market opportunities for global SMEs 
  • Market expansion work was being utilized by client to meetings with President House of Republic of Chile, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of National Assets, Ministry of State, Ministry of Mining, Ministry of Economy, Chilean railway company Ferronor S.A., global mining company Coldeco,  international organizations and more 

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Happy Clients


Awards Won


Projects Done


Cups Coffee


We provide enterprises a one-stop commercial express gateway to China
We integrate proven-success market expansion services that save enterprises’ time and efforts
We are experienced with enterprises at all levels
We relate and work effectively across cultures and industries
We have extensive business network with over 15 provinces and territories in China
We prepare and optimize all valuable information that make businesses outstanding market success
We reach out and establish strategic business interest and synergy between businesses and Chinese buyers, sellers, investors and partners
We continuously explore, expand, and discover new ways for enterprises to achieve consecutive expansion milestones


Commercial Translations

Just like any language, the words and phrases we use for ordinary communications and commercial communications are different, not to mention that every industry has specific technical terms.

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Project Presentation Creation

Our strategic Project Presentation is created for your prospective partner in China. This option is commonly adopted by businesses that want to gain an express pass to launch their businesses in China.

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Target Market Connection

Once all information is ready, we perform immediate market outreach and matchmaking activities. During this process, we create business synergy and arrange meetings for you.

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Strategic Market Expansion

Now, we help our clients to secure contracts. We present with you to your prospective partners in China. During this stage, we provide meeting-translations, winning pitch, and follow-up support.

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  1. Discovery

    Understanding Market Expansion Needs and Goals

  2. Service Agreement

    Confirming Services

  3. Research

    Integrating Country, Industry, Competitor Analysis and More

  4. Strategy

    Establishing Winning Formula

  5. Market Expansion

    Coordinating Market Expansion Activities

  6. Client Updates

    Updating Work-In-Progress

  7. Conclusion & Follow-Up

    Meeting Objectives & Providing Continued Support

Connect International Team Skills


Performance & Dedication

We take responsibility in the work we do


Timely Market Entrance & Penetration

We act quickly and launch projects efficiently


Goal-Oriented & Relational

We solve enterprise challenges and listen to their needs


Professional Pitching & Negotiation

We break through cultural and corporate barriers to reinforce collaborations


Strategic Planning & Execution

We integrate worldwide business models and strategies


Diligent & Courteous

We maintain high achievements and great care


Initiative & Leadership

We act before others take action


Attention to Details

We examine details carefully to ensure best outcomes


Going the Extra Mile

We deliver service beyond expectations

What our project partners are saying

"Connect International’s vital support expedited our expansion into China and connected us to the related companies from financial and energy sectors in Beijing and Shanghai. They created strategic business proposals, pitched well, and coordinated all the meetings and follow-ups with individual partners and institutions in China. Their dedication and determination are honorable. We look forward to further collaborations with Connect International."

Heiju Song, CEO of Indepth Energy, Calgary, Canada

"To cooperate across international frontiers successfully and enabling foreign companies to enter and penetrate the Chinese market quickly, Connect International is indeed the right channel. The company saved us tremendous amount of time that allows us to focus on business operations. They not only teach you how to do, they do it for you. I feel fortunate to have found them."

Esther Hsu, Managing Director of Chile Atmosphere, Shanghai, China

"To Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada: I am astounded at how quickly Ching Yuan was able to break through barriers at Lenovo and establish a rapport with Lenovo. I couldn’t be happier with the direction and speed of events. Ching Yuan is a marketing prodigy with a very cultured and strategic approach; I feel that success in inevitable. You can refer her service to other Canadian companies with confidence."

Peter Kielland, President of Visionary Technology Inc., Ottawa, Canada

"Ching Yuan is fast and intelligent. She understands the needs of clients, able to optimize the value of every market launch initiatives, and achieve great success. Her strategic mindset complemented by her professional market research and business plan outputs never ceases to surpass our expectations."

Max Wu, CEO of British Mining, Shanghai, China

"Ching’s positive attitude, knowledge and experience is a perfect match for what we are doing. That is to make the product a viral/mainstream product in the field of wearable technology. Look forward to connect and discuss ideas and strategies. There are exciting times ahead of us. All the best from Iceland."

Rikarour Leo, Sprotamidstod Islands Company, Iceland

"Great job Ching; I am very impressed at your ability to connect at this level so soon after your involvement with the company product. Well done; that is fabulous news and credit to your persuasive powers!"

Peter Malone, PCM Global Support Services Inc., Belleville, Canada

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  • 传统商业模式遭互联网冲击

    August 23, 2015

    商业地产作为房地产行业最具发展空间的领域,随着近几年互联网的兴起,改变了人们的消费方式,从而使传统商业模式正在发生着一次革命性的颠覆,电商、O2O、体验、文化等成为新时代的商业新模式。这些模式是否能成功,可从以下12个方面分析。 商业地产总量过剩,步入去粗存精、优胜劣汰阶段 2015年50个重点城市非住宅总量将达5.64亿㎡ ,同13年相比增长率高达77%。 目前商业地产总量已饱和,部分区域已过剩。未来人均商业面积继续提升,人们消费观念和行为方式继续发生转变,商业地产将不断更新换代。过去拿地就赢的时代已经过去,房企需要进一步打造精品、创新模式等才能够在新的形势下发展更好。 一线城市聚焦中心地块,二三线仍是供应高峰 根据欧洲、香港、台湾等地区经验,房地产业发展到一定阶段,城市中心土地稀缺,市区零星地块的开发价值日益凸显。经过多年的发展,中国一线城市房地产市场逐渐成熟,市场不断向郊区外延,土地供应紧张态势加剧,市区零星地块的开发格外精细。 2015年城市综合体总量供应大部分将集中在二三线城市,未来房企在一线城市综合体的开发要突出其溢价性,一线城市市中心区域自持为主,二三线城市要表现其杠杆性,抗风险能力一般的企业更适宜选择二三线中的部分机会型城市发展。 互联网思维下商业地产运营商探索O2O模式 中国手机上网人群规模达5亿,占全部网民的81%。移动互联网时代,消费者购物发生四个变化:购物空间立体化(全渠道购物)、购物时间碎片化、购物方式移动化、信息传播社交化。购物行为的变化,直接颠覆了原先在固定时间、固定场所的购物习惯,商业地产电商冲击。商业地产企业也在拥抱大数据和移动互联网,许多传统百货公司通过上线网购平台,推出APP软件,与微信合作等方式来应对电商冲击。 体验式商业已成趋势,由营销层面向运营层面深化 发展到2014年的中国商业地产行业,体验性已经从营销口号转入产品实战。这种商业地产的体验感已经无需细说,各家都有自己的独到想法。从硬件的设计到招商,到运营管理,体验感将会无处不在。但无论是艺术、还是生态、还是高科技,各种体验式的商业地产小趋势的潮流不会改变商业的基本功能。如果商业地产开发商一味讲求体验,标新立异,忽略了研究市场需求和城市功能规划的本质需求,那这样的项目将会是一场灾难。 体验式商业,只会是锦上添花,不会是雪中送炭。立足于区域基本消费需求的商业业态招商和运营管理才是决胜的根本。 社区购物中心将引领未来商业地产市场 社区商业在我国处于起步阶段,从国外发展来看,未来社区商业将成为商业地产发展的重心。有实力的开发商纷纷加大对社区商业的投入,包括万科、金地、保利等。以抓住人们“最后一公里”的需求打造社区服务体系概念,满足社区居民购物、服务、休闲、娱乐等需求。 今后,社区商业不仅仅是某个便利店,某个洗衣店这么简单,而更应该有规划和商家的合力协作,体现集群效应,餐馆、超市、娱乐、休闲等业态能够相互融合,食品更加安全,生活更加便利,服务更加标准。 商业地产从租售并举到自持运营 当前一、二线城市核心地段商业基本全部自持,一线城市郊区和二线城市的部分非核心地段才会租售并举。在三、四线城市存在大量散售的项目。 现阶段更多开发商选择销售或租售并举,这对企业的资金承受压力较小,选择自持需要足够的抗资金压力能力。随着市场不断成熟、金融市场不断改革、REITS有望推进,越来越多的项目进入自持阶段。 商业地产从“重招商”向“重运营”转变 商业地产运营主要是招商后全面、有效的经营管理。商业项目除了良好的招商执行、最后还要落实到商业运营。很多商业地产运营商更愿意做资源整合,对商业项目招商,不愿做招商后的运营,招商相对运营来说收益更快。因此商业地产运营商要有综合服务商的概念,为商户提供各种服务,包括金融服务、营销服务等,具备某种孵化功能等。 随着商业地产发展的逐步深入,未来商业地产项目会进入优胜劣汰的过程,这样必然促使开发商要重视商业地产运营,这是取决于项目成败的关键因素。 儿童主题业态兴起,成商业项目主业态 中国即将迎来新一轮的婴儿潮,儿童体验式商业的发展空间巨大。当前我国0-14岁儿童有2.6亿,占总人口的18.6%。80%的家庭,孩子的支出占到家庭总支出的30-50%。儿童消费从基本生活消费、享乐型消费,发展到强调成长性消费。打造以“家庭群体”为目标消费群的商业中心成为许多购物中心(专题阅读)的核心定位。目前儿童业态在综合性购物中心所占面积不足10%,未来可能达到15%-25%。 餐饮由商务消费转型为大众消费 中国反腐行动拉开,五星酒店空置率上升;高端餐饮持续萧条;国外旅游冷清。商业地产项目要及时调整。例如现有些项目将五星级酒店改成办公楼,高端餐饮的业态调整等。 餐饮行业哑铃形的消费结构(高端和低端消费比重大)将调整,未来将呈现纺锤形的结构(中档消费比重大),人均价格在20~80元的大众化餐饮发展空间良好。新兴的、具备互联网精神的快时尚餐饮成为很多购物中心(专题阅读)及社区商业的新宠。 奥特莱斯成为热点,但已泡沫化 2002年底,燕莎集团在北京东四环开始经营中国第一家奥特莱斯,从那时开始到现在,中国已经有四五百家各种各样的“奥特莱斯”,中国的奥特莱斯乱象丛生。 从整体来看,运营奥特莱斯是一个竞争壁垒相对较高的行业。这个行业最需要的是声望、信誉和管理经验。因此,对于一个行业新进入者来说,要想短期内掌握到如此多的资源的难度非常大。关键指标在于:1、拥有成规模数量的品牌供应商渠道;2、快速周转速度;3、基础客源数量;4、进货谈判的溢价能力;5、基础物业条件。上述五大核心资源和竞争力,是确保在奥特莱斯行业制胜的法宝。 百货业转型,从联营转型为自营 在中国零售业,自有品牌的发展尚处在起步阶段。根据一项针对国内65家主要超市、超大型商场(涵盖内外资,占总市场份额的25%)的专题调研,有60%的企业提供自有品牌产品,但一般自有品牌产品在总销售额中的占比不会超过5%。 在美国超市零售业,自有品牌的销售占比平均在25%左右,在欧洲,这一比例更高达40%甚至是50%。在严酷的市场竞争中,零售商不能仅仅依靠品牌商品来存活,销售品牌商品很难取得价格优势。 因此,发展自有品牌,从“零售商”转型“零售制造商”,这个才是百货业转型的根本方向。由联营转变为自营,对企业的经营能力提出了更高的要求。在联营模式下,百货企业的管理重点是商场运营,而在自营模式下,百货企业要对消费者需求有精准的定位,并担负起采购、商品管理、市场推广、品牌建设的重任。 超市业外延式扩张放缓,迎来关店潮、并购潮和触网热潮…

  • Coming Soon

    September 20, 2014


Vancouver, Canada