Business Highlights

  • 18 Sep 2015

Indepth Energy Group 

Connect International contribute to international projects. Our professional market expansion services successfully assisted our client to merge energy and financial markets between Canada and China. This is a recent project of our integrated investment prospectus, which includes issuer company overview, use of funds raised, dividend policy, operations overview, market analysis and competitive advantage, capital asset valuation, profit forecasts, development planning, risk factors and countermeasures, important contracts, appendix and references.

We coordinated business trip and accompanied client visiting Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Our team introduced techniques, processes, PE valuations and suitable avenues for IPO in the China Stock Market. We examined financing tools like industrial capital investment institutions, investment portfolios and China’s national overseas investment funds to help businesses achieve investment goals. In addition, we coordinated meetings with China Stock Exchange institution, investment banks and securities firms, as well as providing documentation, investment pitch and follow-up support. 

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