Ministry of Agriculture

  • 17 Sep 2015

Connect International contribute to international projects. Our professional market expansion services successfully assisted our client to attract collaborative parties and receive great recognition, including the Ministry of Agriculture in Chile. Our client had a great meeting with the Ministry Chief of Staff – Ricardo Moyano Monreal, Head of Cabinet – Ricardo Morales Walter, Dr. Forest Engineer and Manager of Environmental Assessment Fiscalizacion – Fernando Olave Ortiz.

全球连接贡献国际项目。我们专业的市场拓展服务成功地协助我们的客户吸引到多方位合作方并受到高度认可,包括智利农业部。企业客户与农业部主任 – 里卡多·莫亚诺蒙·雷阿尔,首席官 – 里卡多·莫拉莱斯·沃尔特,森林工程师和环境与商务评估经理博士 – 费尔南多·欧拉浮·奥尔蒂斯欢乐会议。