Commercial Translations

Just like any language, the words and phrases we use for ordinary communications and commercial communications are different, not to mention that every industry has specific technical terms. We are able to provide strategic, professional, enterprise-customized, country-specific and industry-specific business translations that tailor to your market expansion business initiative. Surpassing ordinary translation services, we enhance products, services, and project values through integrating strategic branding into commercial translations. This option is commonly adopted by businesses that seek to attract Chinese consumer groups, client-pools, investors and partners.

Our team specializes in commercial translations between Chinese and English. We understand the commercial culture and language differences between the Chinese and overseas markets. Hence, we are able to highlight and emphasize company strengths using tactful, meaningful, attractive, yet true, facts and contents that gauge target market’s attention. This is different from pure word-for-word translations as they do not consider the context and purpose of the document.

Connect International is highly recognized for its strategic use of words to create values. Our commercial translations would provide triple benefits for you: instilling trust and value into your business venture, differentiating you from international competitors that are entering and presenting in China, and enlarging demand for your products, services, and business ventures from Chinese consumers, clients, partners and investors.