To this date, we have facilitated projects collaborations at both national and international levels, which involve different country governments and ministries, Fortune 500 companies, China Top 500 companies, Chinese SOEs, international organizations, global entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Our portfolio of achievements includes securing multinational joint-venture contracts, accelerating trade and investment network, establishing global synergy and strategic partnerships, enabling businesses to expand across international frontiers, integrating business models and enhancing business collaborations at various scales.

Here are some of our milestone highlights:

  • Global Markets Connectivity –

We have developed business programs and collaborative interests with enterprises from over 23 countries, 9 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) member economies, and facilitated project collaborations across over 20 industries at international levels.

  • Winning Contracts with Fortune 500 companies and China Top 500 companies –

We assisted companies to collaborate with Fortune 500 companies and China Top 500 companies.

  • Timely Market Expansion into China –

We assisted enterprise to expand into China in 2 weeks when they formerly waited 28 weeks through traditional market expansion routine.

  • Chilean Government Recognition

Our work received recognition by the Mayor of Iquique, Ministry of Public Works, and President House elites in Chile.

  • Referral to Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

We were referred by client to both Ottawa and Shanghai regional divisions for our highly professional collaboration methods and efficient market expansion services.

  • Stunning Access

We arranged meetings for enterprises with senior executives from Lenovo, CNOOC, renowned China Stock Exchange institution, top three investment banks and securities firms, and leaders and entrepreneurs from various industries in China.

  • First Access to China Stock Market

We introduced techniques, processes, PE valuations and suitable avenues for enterprise to IPO in the China Stock Market.    

  • Efficient Business Trip Coordination –

We coordinated business trip and accompanied enterprise visiting designated regions in China.

  • Experienced with Asia

We have great connections in many parts of China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Sichuan Chengdu, Shanxi Xi’an, Guangxi Nanning, Hong Kong,, Tianjin, Qingdao, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Ningxia, Taiwan and more. It is easy for us to open any new market for you in China.

  • Experienced with Diverse Industries

Our projects cover industries including Shanghai Bund estate, cruise line tourism, private jet charter, ancient antique and calligraphy, national railroad and infrastructures, oil and gas, solar power, telecommunication, mobile marketing and Internet services, restaurants and hotels, national football team, MBA education, import-export, timber and lumber, seafood, fruits, water, wine, olive oil, distilled spirits and more. All these projects have reached partnership deals successfully.

  • Investment Support

We examined various financing tools like China’s industrial capital investment institutions, different investment portfolios, and China’s national overseas investment funds that successfully helped enterprise achieve investment goals.

  • Collaboration with Chinese Government

We received immediate support and attained fast strategic partnership with Chinese government entities, including Haining City Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau, Haining Municipal Government, Zhejiang Provincial Government, and Jiaxing Provincial Government.

  • High Business-Cultural Intelligence –

We are commercially-fluent in both English and Chinese and am experienced in the business context and corporate culture across both side of the globe. We understand various business practices, can breakthrough cultural barriers and generate solutions that reinforce all party’s interests to win deals.